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BCM Award for Humboldt heute

The website commemorating Humboldt's 250th birthday was singled out for the 2019 Best of Content Market (BCM) Award in Hamburg. Georg Scholl, representing the Humboldt Foundation, and Birgit Metzner, Deputy Managing Director of the Foundation’s partner agency Raufeld Medien, accepted the award in the Specials Digital category.

A jury comprised of 200 experts selected this year’s gold award winners from nearly 700 corporate publications. The Humboldt Foundation’s “Humboldt today” website commemorating the 250th anniversary of the birth of Alexander von Humboldt was chosen for the award over four other shortlisted nominees. In addition to storytelling and design, the jury's statement particularly praised the participative character of the website which revolves around the project “For me, Humboldt today means ...”

How modern, how relevant is Alexander von Humboldt today, some 250 years after his birth? The Humboldt Foundation’s campaign addresses this question and offers ideas, points of view, stories and even very personal answers from scientists and partners from the Foundation’s global network.

Raufeld Medien created the website together with the Humboldt Foundation and with the kind support of the Stifterverband (Association of Sponsors for the Promotion of German Science). The BCM award is the largest competition for content-driven corporate communications in Europe. Content Marketing Forum has organised the award since 2003. The association represents more than 100 media-related service providers such as agencies and publishing houses in German-speaking regions.

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